The TTAP® feature combined with TORX® and TORX PLUS® drive systems offer the ultimate drive systems.

TORX®TTAP® is a drive system designed to work excellently with all types of assembling, including demanding professional applications. The stick-fit no wobbling feature enables one handed operations without magnetic holder. TTAP® makes collated screw feeders work efficiently.

TORX®TTAP® makes screw assembling easier, faster and at lower costs.



  • Screwdriver enters the screw recess more easily (also advantage on collated screws)

  • Authentic TTAP® combined with TTAP® and TORX PLUS®® Drive Systems: Greater torque and drive tool life

  • Stick-fit: screwdriver “sticks-fit” in the recess

  • No wobbling: driver does not wobble and cam-out of the reces

  • One-handed operation: possible because it is stable, you don’t need one hand on the screw and the other on the driver

  • No need to push: no end-load on screwdriver needed

  • No magnetic bit holder needed: thus there are no steel splinters to clog the bit

  • Guiding: screwdriver enters the screw recess more easily (also advantage on collated screws).

  • TTAP® is 100 % TORX®recess and backward convertible with TORX® and genereix six-lobe

  • TORX TTAP works excellent with collated screws - screwdriver enters the recess more easily


  • Reduce drive tool usage
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced risk to damage rust protection plating
  • Better profits and job morale


  • No need to push - no end-load on screwdriver needed
  • If you compare with Phillips/Pozidrive recess, a major advantage is that  you don`t need to apply as much pressure to drive the screw, hence - ttap reduces worker fatique

Main advantages

  • Easier
  • Faster
  • Safer


Image version  

See the stick-fit in action.

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