Robust drywall screw for wood and steel bar


Product: Sharp point and HiLo threads suited for assembling in wood and up to 0.8 mm steel bar. Threads secure immediate grip and drive the screw quickly into the drywall. The special designed Noburr head leaves a smooth surface without damaging the board layer.

Drive/bit: TTAP®, ”stick-fit” for quicker, safer and easier assembling without pushing.

Material: Case hardened steel C-1018/1022.

Plating: Zinc Cr3+ 5 µm, for indoor use.


Material: For hard gypsum and cement board to wood and steel (max 0.8 mm) bars.

Assembling: Screw gun with torque setting or depth control, speed 1500 – 4000 RPM recommended. Wall: appr 15 screws/m2 depending on type of wall. Floor: appr 20 screws/m2 depending on type of floor.

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